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Parent Testimonies

Why we love Tutor Totter...

This preschool program as been an awesome experience for my children and myself.  It is like a home away from home for everyone.  The curriculum is a perfect balance between learning and play based focus.  Children leaving this program for Kindergarten will have a complete foundation for higher learning.  --  Stephanie H., Auburn


My daughter attended Tutor Totter preschool from 2.5 years old until she went to kindergarten. We both absolutely love this school, the atmosphere, the teachers, the parents, the fundraisers, everything! The school is very clean, the schedule and curriculum is well organized and children thrive here. After attending Tutor Totter, I can easily say that my child was very prepared and had the skills necessary for kindergarten. I would highly recommend this school. You and your child will love it and it will feel like a second family! -Valerie R., Applegate


When searching for a preschool, I looked for a place with a nurturing environment to foster a love of learning.  With its play-based curriculum and parent participation program, Tutor Totter more than fit the bill.  The director and teachers are patient, kind, warm and responsive to the children as well as parents.  The curriculum is creative, age-appropriate, and strikes a good balance between learning and fun.  The parent participation aspect was a great experience, as we saw first hand how our kids were developing, how to reinforce these new-found skills at home, and made great friendships with other families of preschoolers.  We were extremely happy with our choice and glad that our three children spent their preschool years in such a friendly, safe and stimulating environment.  Transitioning into Kindergarten was easy, having been well prepared by their wonderful teachers at Tutor Totter! - Tammy C., Auburn


We are so pleased with our son’s experience at Tutor Totter. The nurturing environment and play-based program were exactly what we wanted in a preschool. Teacher Jessie was always attentive, receptive and motivated, qualities that make the school not only fun but safe. We feel our son is well prepared for Kindergarten both academically and socially. Admittedly, I was initially concerned about joining a co-op due to various parent participation requirements, but was pleasantly surprised at how effortless it seemed since I enjoyed it so much. (I even joined the Board of Directors!) Helping our son learn and grow at school are memories I’ll always cherish. In fact, I can’t imagine it any other way, which is why we are excited to enroll our younger son as soon as he’s ready.- Marissa H., Auburn



My son and daughter attended Tutor Totter preschool from the time they were 2 1/2 until they were ready for kindergarten.  The teachers were always kind hearted, attentive and respectful.  All the kids love them especially Teacher Jessie.  The curriculum was a perfect balance for all ages, learning and play based focus.  My children left this program both academically and socially prepared for kindergarten.  They miss Tutor Totter preschool. - Kim P., Auburn


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