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The goal of Tutor Totter is to provide a safe, happy, nurturing environment for little ones to learn through hands-on, imaginative, play-based curriculum. The blended age group curriculum focuses on social, emotional, as well as cognitive development at the children's own pace. Additionally, we adhere to a strict student to adult ratio of 5:1, ensuring that each child gets the attention they need to thrive and learn.

A Variety of Daily Activities for Fun and Learning

Art: Children are allowed to express their individual creativity using a variety of media & tools - eyedroppers, balloons, spray bottles, shaving cream, spin tables and more.

Imaginative Play: Using puppets, costumes, role-playing props and toys, children experience language, role-playing, and develop cooperation with others.

Music: Musical instruments, singing, rhythm and rhyme are wonderful sounds to our ears! Music Becky visits our class bi-monthly to help our children explore music in a positive and enriching environment.

Science: Whether collecting leaves, examining and making bird nests, cooking and learning about measuring ingredients or building sand castles, children experience deductive reasoning in a fun way!

Field Trips: Monthly visits to a variety of interesting and educational spots in our area, including Machado’s apple orchard, CDF, Nimbus fish hatchery, the Hamburger farm and more. Parents are welcome, too!

Special Guests & Royal Readers: Children love to meet our new friends. Bring in your favorite book to read to the kiddos and they will roll out the red carpet for you!

Class Parties: We love celebrating different holidays throughout the year with fun theme parties that include special classroom decorations, yummy treats, games, and crafts for our students and their families to enjoy.

A Typical Day at Tutor Totter

Drop off your child at Tutor Totter, a day filled with fun and learning awaits!

  • Outside Play: Whether drawing with chalk, playing in a sensory table, creating in the sandbox, or swinging and climbing away, your child is continually learning with the help of their schoolmates.
  • Carpet Time: All the children gather and are welcomed on ‘blue carpet’, learning together with use of rhymes, songs, stories, and games.
  • Learning Centers: A variety of activities including free and directed art projects, sensory toys, pre-K skill development, and imaginative play are available for your child to participate as they choose.
  • Snack Time: A healthy nut-free snack keeps your child growing and learning, setting a positive example for healthy eating habits the rest of their life.
  • Storytime: We gather on blue carpet again for storytime, sharing activities (similar to show and tell), sometimes music or even a Royal Reader.
  • Outside Play then Lunch together
  • Quiet Carpet: After a hard day of learning and playing, its time to wind down with puzzles and other manipulatives.
  • Outside Play: Finishing the day on a happy note, your child is ready to continue learning with you!
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